Texas Invention Patent Lawyer

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Why do my patent services cost less? Simple: Since invention patents are a federal matter, I can prepare and file patents on behalf of inventors from any state. But my lower overhead costs in Wisconsin allow me to charge less than the attorneys in Texas, so if you are looking for a patent attorney in Texas, I can help you. As an experienced intellectual property attorney I offer patent searching, preparation, filing, infringement analysis, litigation, and licensing-all at a lower cost than the patent attorneys in Texas.

By the way, I have been a patent attorney for thirty years. I worked as a mechanical and electrical engineer for over 12 years before I became an intellectual property attorney. My patent experience covers mechanical, electrical, and software inventions. Click here to check out more than 890 patents issued to my clients. 

I have included sample patents from clients in the state of Texas: 6,494,463, 7,258,695, 7,331,964, 7,946,456, 7,958,583, 8,007,377, 10,020,436, 11,143,372, 11,280,462, 11,434,668 and 11,511,453.

I will give you a free initial Texas patent consultation and I will quote a flat fee for all of your legal needs related to obtaining your patent, giving you the luxury of knowing all legal costs before you even begin. I work with inventors, design departments and corporate attorneys domestically and around the world from my office near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, allowing me to maintain contacts and stay abreast of trends in the industry. If you are looking for a patent attorney in Houston or Dallas with vast experience and knowledge, allow me to handle your patent application and everything that goes along with it at a lower cost than a local Texas attorney would charge.