Don Ersler, California Intellectual Property Lawyer


Contact me for assistance with your patent application filing in both southern and northern California. I have 24 years of experience as a patent attorney and 12 years of experience in both mechanical and electrical engineering. This is the perfect combination of experience to serve your patent needs. My background and experience speak for themselves and will allow me to provide you outstanding patent services.

Since patent applications are a federal matter, I can prepare and file patent applications on behalf of inventors from any state. Low overhead costs in Wisconsin allow me to offer significantly better prices than California attorneys, which is why I should be your choice for a patent attorney in California. I bring you the highest quality services at affordable pricing, and I will even give you a complimentary initial consultation and a flat fee quote up front so you will know exactly what you have to spend to get your invention patented.

I have varied experience as a patent attorney including the patenting of mechanical, electrical and software inventions. Click here to view more than 664 patents issued to my clients. I have also included a sample list of patents from clients in the state of California: 5,590,823, 6,030,393, 6,458,038, 6,923,728,  7,900,895
8,298,426 , 8,770,642, 9,027,507, 9,357,861 and 9,464,648.  The services I offer include patent searching, preparation, filling, infringement analysis, litigation and

If you are looking for a patent attorney in Los Angeles, San Diego, the Bay area or anywhere in California, look no further. Allow an experienced intellectual property lawyer such as myself to take care of your patent needs. You have worked hard on your invention; now make sure that the patenting of that invention is protected and in good hands.