New York Patent Attorney


Contact Don Ersler for patent services anywhere in New York. If you have an invention that you would like to patent, you have come to the right place for a New York patent attorney. When it comes to patents, I offer various services including patent searching, preparation, filing, infringement analysis, litigation, licensing and more.

Whether you are seeking a Manhattan, Westchester County or Long Island lawyer, or a lawyer elsewhere in the state to help with filing your patent application, I am here to help. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a patent lawyer in New York to help you with your new invention patent needs. I am based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which allows me to keep my overhead low and my fees competitive. Because patent applications are a federal matter, I am able to perform patent services for anyone, anywhere in the U.S. from my office in Milwaukee at reasonable rates.

I have been a patent lawyer for over 24 years covering everything from mechanical, electrical and software inventions. Click here to view some of the more than 664 patents issued to my clients over the years. To view sample links to patents from clients in the state of New York, just click on the following patent numbers: 6,430,865, 6,705,377, D568,697, 7,282,001, 7,526,917, 8,166,697, 8,839,574, 8,851,887 and 9,920,706.

Prior to becoming an intellectual property attorney I spent 12 years as a mechanical and electrical engineer. This experience together with my patent experience makes me highly qualified to handle your new invention patent needs. I would be happy to provide a free initial New York patent consultation and quote a flat fee for services relating to your patent application.