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Building Products

Customizable Ridge Ventilator, Pat. No. 8,075,376

Wall Restraint System Pat. No. 7,681,361


Medical And Healthcare

Method And Apparatus For Optimizing Aerosol Generation, Pat. No. 8,074,896

Room Monitor For Critical Environment Rooms, Pat. No. 8,068,021


Sporting Goods

Fishing Hook Threader And Holder, Pat. No. 7,788,844

Golf Club Face Impact Alignment Device, Pat. No. 6,923,728

Software Programs

Method Of determining Pricing To Ensure Profitability, Pat. No. 7,389,276

Method for real time display of maintenance device, Pat. No. 7,010,759


Electronic Devices

Fiber quality transducer, Pat. No. 7,701,575

Apparatus Providing Vision Enhancement Dentistry, Pat. No. 7,443,417

Energy Saving Products

Hydroelectric power system, Pat. No. 8,058,741

Wind turbine with improved cooling, Pat. No. 7,963,743



Tire repair tools, Pat. No. 7,757,585
Case Trimmer And Chamfer Tool, Pat. No.  7,650,825

Mechanical Inventions

Load Leveler For Different Width Open Semi-Trailers, Pat. No. 8,061,943
Anti-back drive system, Pat. No. 7,861,840

Heavy Equipment

Load Leveler For Different Width Open Semi-Trailers, Pat. No. 8,061,943

Rotary Dangle Head Having Continuous Rotation, Pat. No. 7735,530


Motorcycle Accessories

Cycle Bag With An Adjustable Retention Device, Pat. No. 7,775,411

Removable Cooling Fan Kit For A Motorcycle Engine, Pat. No. 7,303,034



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